Sunday, 23 May 2010

Apple iPad Game Playing and Apps

The new iPad with it's 9.7 inch touch-screen, and 12-hour battery is a potential dream for gamers. The sharing gaming space for multiplay is also very useful. Also, the iPad already works with most of the games already made available for the iPhone & the iPod Touch.

Unfortunately the interface for solo play is poor as it is difficult to find the 'perfect' holding position for heated game play.

Some of the good applications available for purchase at the App Store ( include:

Angry Birds HD:
  • Produced by Chillingo.
  • Now available in high-definition for the iPad.
  • Already very popular on the iPhone.
  • This is a physics-based puzzle game.
Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD:
  • Produced by Gameloft.
  • World War II action series.
  • You to battle against computer-controlled enemies in the solo Story mode.
  • Online you can play with up to 5 friends.
  • Can use your fingers to play.
Pinball HD:
  • Produced by GameProm.
  • High-definition collection of pinball games for the iPad.
  • The game ships with 3 different style tables to play on - "Jungle Style", "Wild West," & "The Deep".
  • There is also support for anaglyph 3-D glasses (though not included).
  • You slide both your thumbs up or down the screen to toggle the camera view.
  • Local & global high-score boards.
  • Produced by Electronic Arts.
  • Can be played in one of 4 ways:
  • Against the game's artificial intelligence.
  • Against a friend beside you in a Pass n' Play mode.
  • Over Wi-Fi (including social networking support, ie Facebook integration).
  • A new Party Play mode - where up to 4 players can manage their tiles on an iPhone or iPod Touch & then play their words wirelesslyon the nearby iPad game board.
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